Listed below are the standard equipment on Venom Mustangs.
The hood is unique to Venom Mustangs.
                                 The hoods are fully functional heat extractors.

The Venom Mustang hood scoops air through built in channels. There are heat extractor holes under the scoop & into the engine bay. The faster you go, the more heat gets extracted with suction of the air flowing through the channels from the scoops.
Wiper nozzels built into the hood.
The heat extractor hood scoop works even when stopped. The holes under the hood scoop allow heat to escape through the raised cowl panel.
Rear of the scoop is louvered simular to the 79 Cobra hoods & drain holes are added.
The Wipers get hidden from the front view
Side quarter scoops are functional on Venom Mustangs coupes
Side Scoops are not functional on Venom Mustang convertibles
All Venom Mustangs side scoops are seamless to quarter panels
Venom Mustangs side window louvers are seamless. The glass has been moved inside the vehicle and sealed. Outside the louvers are tilted to make sure no water stays inside the louvers.
Venom Mustangs quarter extention spoilers are seamless and flow with the body.
Venom Mustangs trunk lids are one piece design and flow into the quarter extention spoilers.
Other items that are on every Venom Mustang is the Venom lower stripes, Headrests, hood strut bars, air brushed fuse box covers and a plaque with the build number.
All the above noted items are standard features on a Venom Mustang.
The Cevinis front bumpers, Cevinis side exhausts and skirts are options that we can add to the build.
Each fuse box cover gets airbrushed with a different design.

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