2007 Venom Mustang
Every single panel has been custom built or customized.
The fenders are metal welded and flared 1.5" down and 2" out at the bottom. The front of the fender has been trimmed up and metal welded to fit the customized front bumper.
The doors have been metal welded & sunken in. Door handles have been shaved. The left door opens off of the factory remote. The right door has a hidden handle under the upper mlding.

The headlights are the narrower 2010 to 2104 HiDS and custom fitted to the bumper.
The front bumper has been custom fit for the Headlights and fenders. The grille has been customized to fit. And the snake postioned in the center of the grille so it won't look like a Shelby.
A hidaway front plate has been built into the lower molding so it doesn't loss ground clearance.
The fuel door lid has been shaved and the filler neck is now capless. If the fuel door is pushed it will pop open.
Rocker panels are custom made out of the same plastic as the front  & rear bumpers. These panels are clipped on like the original rockers & screwed on inside the fender opening for easy removal.
1969 metal Corba snakes are added to the fenders.
These Corba name plates only come facing in one direction. 
The quarters have been built with functional side scoops with the holes go all the way through for cooling the brakes.
The Venom stripes are painted on and then clearcoated so there are no ridges on the lines.
The 2" flare at the bottom of the fenders
Shelby 19" front wheels & 20" rear wheels, complete with track pack package. Venom Mustangs center wheel caps.
Front hideaway front plate in up position.
It is powered by wireless remote control.
This is Venom Mustangs new hood. It's an updated model with extra under the hood vent cooling for the 5.4 supercharged engine.
The quarter windows side louvers are all molded in. The quarter glass itself is installed inside the car, just in case it ever requires replacement from breakage.
There is no visible outside antenna, it's hidden. The GPS sensor has been removed from the trunk and installed on the roof. This gives the Venom Mustang a nice clean look.
Has good ground clearance all around the vehicle. Photos shows front plate coming out.
Quarter panels are flared 2" at the front and are lowered 1 1/2" to give the vehicle a great looking stance.
Good ground clearance for any nasty speed bumps. These are the Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar tires from the Shelby track pack.
Added rear windows louvers to give it even more of the retro look.
Custom rear bumper to match the front flares on the quarter panel. A new designed rear spoiler & quarter extension to give it more of flowing look.
Venom Mustangs first wide body, even though it doesn't look like the overall width is wider than normal.
Antenna is now hidden.
All fiberglass parts are installed with cold cure. After 48 hours of curing a layer of fiberglass is applied. The cold cure bonds to the metal and the fiberglass bonds to the cold cure, it won't crack.
Quarter panel to trunk spoiler quarter extensions.
Re-designed rear spoiler is all one piece.
Updated to the newer style easy fuel system
Capless neck with pop open/ close button
Venom Mustangs trunk lid air brushed emblem. Painted by Jim Hall of Surrey BC.
The next set of photos will show the building of the Venom Mustang.
The underside of the hood, has channels running through the scoop on top & the holes cut allow for heat extraction. The faster the car moves then more heat will be extracted.
Aluminum insert panels were welded into the aluminum for a nice clean look.
Aluminum grilles with black molding were added for a finishing touch.
The car was completely stripped of all parts including glass and then painted.
The rad support was re-designed to fit the newer HiD headlights.
The towers were Mig welded and shaved
Sound deadner was added to the firewall.
The left side inner fender aprons all painted
The right side inner fender apron just before the installation of new 2011 Shelby wiring.
Everything stripped from the inside of the vehicle. Custom work done for fitting of 2011 Shelby dash board.
Sound deadner added to floor boards and more custom work completed for installation of 2011 Shelby rear interior parts.
Some custom work was completed on rear taillight pockets, due to the fact we were installing 2011 Shelby LED taillight bulbs into the 2007 Mustang taillights.
The taillight housing of the 2007 Mustang also had to be customized to fit the 2011 Shelby LED bulbs.
Trunk lid and all the edges painted, ready for re-wiring of vehicle.
Inner doors customized to fit 2011 Shelby door panels & wiring.
2011 Shelby dash board being installed.
2011 console, navigation system and airbags installed
2011 Shelby track pack supension and Brembo Brakes installed
2011 Shelby rear end with 3.73 gears
Installing the 2011 Shelby 5.4 supercharged engine
Installing air conditioning and supercharger cooler pump.
Customized rocker panels we made out of polypropylene plastic. Same material as factory bumpers.
The underside of the rocker panels with push in clips
Customizied front header panel and wiring cover on the right side covering the wiring.
Strut prop rods, hideaway window washers, battery cover, brake fuild cover, fuse box cover, shaved towers
Brake fuild cover air brushed by Jim Hall of Surrey BC
Battery cover Air Brushed by Jim Hall Surrey BC.
Fuse box cover Air Brushed by Jim Hall of Surrey BC.
Close up shot of the Mig welded and Shaved towers
Hood Struts
Custom stainless steel fender and header bolts
Navigation unit and 6 speed trany shifter.
2011 Shelby steering wheel with control switches
Close up of the functional quarter scoop
Close up of the rear quarter window louvers
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The paint is a custom mix with heavy metalic and pearl. Changes shades of orange depending on the angle being viewed.